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I dug up one of the stories from my (dark) days of boyband fanfiction writing... and holy shit, was it painful. Not in a "I can't believe I wrote this, my self-esteem hurts" kind of way, but in a "I can't believe I wrote this SHIT" kind of way (if that makes any sense at all). ^_^() However, I read it through to the end. Not sure why, just did. And now, out of boredom and for my amusement and entertainment, I'm going to sum up the story and comment a bit on what I was thinking at the time, but mostly tear it to shreads. Think of it as DVD commentary for a movie that sucked too badly to be on DVD in the first place. ;)

First, I want to say that this is a far cry from the original plot. The original plot called for our main character ("Cindy", which was later changed to "Catherine"... and was so totally a Mary Sue that it's not even funny. This story has FIVE Mary Sues. *dies*) to have her sight lost due to an acid burn to the eyes. Essentially, she and Howie have a rocky and unstable relationship, and it's through this tragedy that they learn what they really are to one another. Before you make fun of my terrible plot device, I would like to remind you that I was fourteen. That shit's tragic, if contrived. I think the story would have been better if I'd have kept that as a driving force in the story--it would have had something resembling a plot. However, a friend (whose influence on the story is a driving force in the whole endeavor, and the cause of some of the story's worst parts) insisted that was too terrible and sad, and should therefore be changed. To appease her, I did. The story began without its plot, and after awhile I wasn't even interested in finishing it; the only reason I actually wrote on to something resembling an ending was due to the urging of the same friend who told me my plot sucked.

Now that the (all-too-lengthy) preamble is over, on to the Cliff's Notes version. Mind you, this is the first time these stories have seen light, and this is not even the actual prose. I won't subject you to that shit.

Lucky LJ readers. ;)

Now and Forever: A Story of Love and Friendship )

And there you go. It's the worst shit ever to reach my computer files. Feel free to comment away. :)


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